Women over 60 typically fear colors-- black is slimming, nevertheless-- but you should not feel timid in splashing up your wardrobe. Ensure your nail polish is a sophisticated color instead of neon, urges Pollock. If you choose cool colors such as blues and greens, make sure that they are toned-down variations. Wear vivid colors and prints in areas where you would like to spotlight. Do the opposite to areas you want play down. If you have gorgeous eyes, pick colors that emphasize them

Going out at night is a great time to dress up a little or a lot for a significant function or event. Rather than resorting to wearing all black in hope it's going to make you seem taller, here are some tips on how to dress yourself tall for the evening. The same basic principles apply as those I've talked about in previous videos, so if you have skipped those, go have a look at the playlist.

Regardless of the fact that, my guideline is usually to define your waist, as this makes your legs look lengthier. Remember, your waistline is not your belly, it is higher. It's your narrowest point. Here are a few clothing suggestions and some tips to help you create your fabulous outfits.

Use high-waisted slacks: This immediately makes your legs appear longer and you can sport shorter tops. If you don't want to show so much skin, layer with a lace body stocking, which adds texture and interest to your look.

If you wish to wear all black you can combine your textures for interest and add pops of color. This will still keep one long elongated line without being too dull.

Putting It All Together

Put on much shorter dresses in nipped in the waist style. If you don't like your legs, you can put on leggings or tights. If you really don't like your legs, wear your dress length just below your knee with a nude shoe. This will stretch out your legs immediately.

Please don't mistake maturity with aged. They are not the identical. Maturation is autonomous, powerful and dignified. This means is that just because the flirty, skin-revealing fashions from the younger department fit you, doesn't mean they really suit you. Certainly you can dress however you like, but if you are ready to improve your style, these tips are ideal for you.

Do not buy anything that does not flatter your body, despite how stylish it is. Mix things up. Keep in mind we said mature, not aged! Mix a fun coat with a pair of jeans or wear that structured jacket with a casual pair of trousers to keep your look vivacious. Put on fun patterns and prints with solids to remain fresh.